Zoom Replay – #1 – Scottish Cows – Recorded Nov. 13/21

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Subject this week – Scottish Cows!
Hairy, Scottish cows are fun to paint and really popular at the moment.  I’ll demonstrate how to do cow noses, eyes and how to paint realistic hair.  If you’re intrigued by these fuzzy bovines, join us and learn how to paint your own.

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Instructor:  Connie Geerts
Date: Recorded Nov. 13, 2021
Fee:  $35.00 + GST

Call Connie at 403-547-9727 if you have trouble registering. 
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General Supplies:   Set of acrylic paints, palette, paint brushes (I recommend at least a 1″ flat, 1.5″ flat, and a few smaller brushes) your choice of surface – a canvas, cradleboard or 140 lb watercolour paper to paint on (no larger than 16×20), sketch/note book, watercolour crayons or chalk to draw your image, a plastic binder sleeve, ruler, other tools or mediums you like to use, reference photos of things you want to paint.

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