Zoom Replay – #7 Abstraction: An introduction to Gestalt Theory – from May12/21

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Subject this week:  #2 Abstraction: An introduction to Gestalt Theory
This is the superpower of a good design.  We’ll look at how the human mind perceives things and how you can use the gestalt principals to make strong abstracted images. Bring a sketch book or paper for exercises on these concepts.

 Note:  You will have lifetime access to this unedited replay of a zoom class recorded on May 12/21.

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Instructor:  Connie Geerts
Fee:  $35.00 + GST
Location:  zoom replay from May 12/21             
Call Connie at 403-547-9727 if you have trouble registering. 
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Supplies:   Set of acrylic paints, palette, paint brushes (I recommend at least a 1″ flat, 1.5″ flat, and a few smaller brushes) your choice of a canvas, cradleboard or paper to paint on(whatever size you like), sketch/note book, watercolour crayons or chalk to draw your image, a plastic binder sleeve, ruler, other tools or mediums you like to use, reference photos of things you want to paint.

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